Centro Prenatal

God has grown this ministry in unexpected and wonderful ways. Women and girls around the world have similar doubts and fears when they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Although they may not have had interest in spiritual things prior to pregnancy, they are often open to the Gospel at this very vulnerable time in their lives. As we tenderly help them to understand and cope with issues brought on by pregnancy, little by little, they begin to open their hearts and minds to the Gospel. Pregnancy center ministry allows us to introduce them to the Savior who will meet their deepest spiritual needs as we minister to their earthly needs. Beautiful Feet partners with churches worldwide to help them reach their communities through pregnancy center ministry.
— Melissa Heiland, Founder of Beautiful Feet International

Our mission...

...is simple because there is only one. It is the same mission that all believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ have been called to by our Savior Himself. In Matthew 28:19, He tells us plainly "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." We all have been given this calling in our own unique ways. Our family has been called to live out this command in Costa Rica through the vehicle of a crisis pregnancy center ministry known as Centro Prenatal.

Back in 2013, the doors of Centro Prenatal opened in Tarcoles, Costa Rica. The goal of this ministry was again simple, meet the spiritual needs of the impoverished women of that area with the good news of Jesus, while addressing the earthly needs that accompany pregnancy and a growing family. Since the first doors opened in 2013, six more pregnancy centers have opened up throughout the country allowing more women and families to experience the love of Jesus first-hand.

Each Centro Prenatal location operates on a very small budget, thanks to the provisions supplied by God. Many of the facilities have been either provided free of charge or the rent has been covered by generous donors. The day-to-day operations of each center are carried out by volunteers from a partnering local church and a lot of the supplies have been donated through partnering state-side churches.

As was mentioned earlier, the goal of each center is to share the good news of Jesus with every woman that walks through the door while showing them His love and compassion for their physical needs. Many of the women seen by this ministry are either without a support system and trying to face the challenge of being a mother alone or are at a place where terminating the pregnancy seems like the only viable option. When a pregnant woman comes to a Centro Prenatal center the first thing she hears is the Gospel. After she has been given the message of eternal life through Jesus, she has the opportunity to enter into the discipleship program. Each center offers women Bible based classes on topics ranging from nutrition to child care to biblical concepts. As women complete these classes they are awarded points that they can use towards baby items such as clothes, diapers and strollers. The ministry has been blessed to be able to offer clients prenatal care through things such as vitamins and ultrasounds.

Centro Prenatal stays involved in the lives of the women that enter into its ministry up till the baby's first birthday where a large party is thrown to celebrate the gift of life for the mother and baby. It is important that while a mother is going through the program she is being connected with a local christian church. This ensures that even when she is no longer a client of Centro Prenatal, she has a continuing support system in-place through the local church for both her spiritual growth and earthly needs.

Every Centro Prenatal center is designed to be self-operated by local christian women. Having nationals take ownership of this ministry is not only the best way to meet the needs of the women and families in Costa Rica, it is the best way to multiply this ministry throughout the country so that more women have an opportunity to hear the message of Christ and see His love demonstrated in a personal way. As directors of Centro Prenatal, our job will be to facilitate the operations of each center, make sure that all the needed supplies are in place for the ministry, network with local christian churches to partner with our work in spreading the gospel, and oversee the well-being of both our clients and volunteers.