As The Golf Cart Goes...

Isn't it silly that selling your golf cart can set off a whole bunch of emotions?  It's like selling it has set off a series of events.  We didn't just sell the golf cart, we started the great purge.  The beginning of the end!

Ok, I know, a little dramatic. 

If you know me well, then you know I love where we live.  Conveniently close to my parents and family.  The compound as it's so lovingly referred to as. So the beginning of selling our personal items is strangely scary mixed with feelings of freedom.  It means we are actually leaving our beautiful little town.  Leaving our comforts.

But at the same time we are free of things that weigh us down.  Learning to live without the extras.  Realizing that we don't need the extras.  Soon we will be living without AC and we won't even be able to flush our toilet paper! *gasp*

Living here we are more than comfortable.  Two doors down from the parents, sandwiched in between siblings and the rest of the block consists of our friends that we now consider family.  It's obvious we are well supported and feel safe.  It's not actually a life that we have to rely on God for basic needs or even to get through each day.  We turn to people and things here.  Unfortunately, we don't see the need for God on the daily.  As terrible as that sounds, it's true.  Think about it, for most of us we can go a whole day without thinking we need God to show up.

"But God doesn't call us to be comfortable.  He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn't come through." 

-Francis Chan

So the beginning of ridding ourselves of our comforts has begun.

It's getting real you guys

Farewell golf cart, you were so good to us.  We will mourn your loss.


Did I mention the golf cart only went next door?