Reckless Faith

When we first started thinking about going into missions, I literally googled “paid missionary positions.” Disclaimer: they do exist.  They also were not right for us, as much as I prayed for them to be. The hardest part for me at the beginning of our whole process was just the thought of humbling myself to ask for people to support us. 

It literally made me cringe

I am in no way a sales person, and a lot of times I’ve been turned off by sales people.  So the thought of “selling” us to others made me want to vomit. As our story is unfolding, I’ve become more comfortable with the thought of asking (ok really I’m ok with Brandon doing the asking, but don’t tell him) people to join with us and be a part of God’s story. 

I’ve been warned to not take it personally, which is going to be super hard for me when the people we thought would support us don’t, because in the long run God is in control.  He will provide the people and the resources for us. 

That is the big part of the story…Faith.  Reckless Faith.  Faith that God will provide, faith that He will speak to the hearts of those we encounter, Faith that He is in control. 

So as I sit here, we are about to embark on raising support to uproot our family of six from the comfortable, secure life surrounded by family and friends and move to a different country, because God called us

We cannot be disobedient any longer. 

We must go...

...Paid or Unpaid.