The Longing Inside

IMG_0139 2.jpg

It’s hard for me to say aloud

Just how I landed here,

Surrounded by a sea of black

Without a vision clear.


For months I have been running towards 

The carrots in my sight, 

Longing for a chance to find some 

Happiness in my plight.


Now a darkness, of heart and mind, 

Has fiercely shackled me,

Imprisoned in a cell so deep

My hope within, now flees.


But maybe that is why I’m here 

A dungeon in the dark,

Because I’ve looked within to find

Fulfillment for my heart.


This lie has trapped our human souls 

Since breaking of the rind,

That in ourselves we all can have 

A taste of life divine. 


But as the words so sweetly sang

In song called forty-three,

“Hope in God” was the cry of those 

Who were caged but set free.


My heart within now understands 

This prison I’ve been in,

Was not made for my punishment 

But drive my need of Him.


When looking back through history 

The story line is plain, 

Within ourselves is misery 

And in Him only gain.