Like the Moon

For years I have been spinning here,

Just wasting precious time.

Surrounded by the darkness of

A life I can’t define.


What is my job? What is my task?

The heart within me screams!

With scars and craters all around

No answer there would seem.


I have no thing to offer

This world within myself.

Just rock and dust, an image of

A ball upon a shelf.


But here, in this darkness

While I fear I’m on my own,

A flood of light came pouring in,

The brightest ever shown!


Light from the Son so bright

That I can hardly see.

Its in this light I hear Him say

“You are to reflect Me!”


So now with joyful excitement

A mission I have found.

Given by the Son above

To spread His love around.


But what of all my craters

And the scars along the way,

He just says they are the evidence of

His glory on display.


For what power do I have

To resist this Awe-full sight.

So with everything within me,

I will reflect His Glorious Light.