He Goes Before Us


He goes before us…right?

The night before we left I completely had my freak out moment.  I pretty much cried all night long…just ask Brandon.  He was probably ready to have me committed.  The morning wasn't much relief when the official goodbye hugs were in full effect.  It was terrible.  The worst.  I even cried all the way to the airport and on the plane.  My nine year old was patting me on the back reassuring me it was going to be ok.  This was backwards.  At the moment I couldn’t change it.  I couldn’t pull it together.  I was already planning my trip back in my head.  

The morning of our departure, I asked for prayer from my Facebook people, and I read one that said He goes before you.  I’ve heard it a million times and most likely have said it to one of my friends.  I have never seen it so blatant in front of me more than I have the past few weeks and it started at the airport in San Jose.  I opened the door to our van and we had a welcoming package filled with goodies and a note.  I smiled and immediately felt like it was going to be ok.


It didn’t stop there.  He kept showing us all the ways He was providing for us.  

The way God planned out our preparations up to our moving date could not have been more perfect.  Because of our prior trips, the fear of uncertainty was minimized. We knew where the stores were, we had a place lined up for the first few nights and better yet a community waiting with open arms.

We had a family bring us breakfast on our first morning here.  Homemade Banana bread baked especially for us.  A welcome to the neighborhood cake to celebrate our arrival.  We also had a sweet friend deliver a natural remedy for sunburns when I made a desperate plea on behalf of my hurting nine year old. Our neighbors have lent us everything from tools to pots and new friends have been checking on us each day.  

And if those things weren’t enough to persuade us that God in fact does go before us, He provided housing for us.  Totally huge.  God hand delivered a house that was big enough for our family and under our budget, in a safe neighborhood and close to town.  This and this alone was enough reassurance.  Our kids are use to going outside every day to play with their cousins.  So you know what our God did?  HE gave us neighbors with kids, not only kids, but girls our kids ages.  They instantly became friends.  They play together each chance they get, rain or shine.  They have set up a limonada stand in our drive way and coerced the neighbors to also buy bracelets and rocks.  Rocks!?! 


One of our main concerns with the house is that it wasn’t furnished.  Our plan was to only bring our life in suitcases and to get a furnished or at least semi-furnished house.  So unfortunately, this meant we were going to have to spend quite a bit of money.  So we didn’t go crazy at first, we bought our mattresses new and borrowed pieces of furniture from friends to get us through until we had more permanent solutions.  Each day I feel like we have added a piece of really nice furniture that someone donated to us.  It is crazy.  Just crazy.  We now have almost a complete living room, a set of bunk beds, a giant table, two bikes, and lots of chairs….and I just picture God looking at us thinking “You think that’s it? Just wait and see what I have in store for you!  And I’m not just talking about furniture.”

Now let me tell you, it is not perfect.  No place is.  We have more bugs than we are use too, we are adjusting to the cold shower life and the crazy washing machine that is slightly better than hand washing.  I sweep 735 times a day (shoot me now.)  I miss my family and my friends and I can’t wait to hug them again.  But wow, God is so good and He alone wants great things for us.  He gave us no excuses.  He told us He would be faithful to us and He would go before us.  He provided all we needed on a silver platter…ok maybe it’s bronze.  But He did it.  Just like He said He would. 

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.
— Deuteronomy 31:8