Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up on my birthday sore from my stint as a flying trapeze artist, with one less tooth than last year, and carrying around more pounds than I cared too.  Hello, getting older. It's nice to meet you?

My 4 year old shoved about 7 different little toys into my face that she had probably spent 30 minutes putting a whole roll of tape on. Seriously, it took me forever to get it off. So she’s one of those wrappers…too much tape, not enough present.

The girls each made a card for me and the one that stuck out the most was from our sweet 8 year old that has been staying with us.  Her simple words meant so much “Thank you for letting me stay with you.  And taking care of me."

My dad apparently woke up extra early to go get me way too many donuts, which my family was super excited about, and I was too. We headed off to church where a sweet friend greeted me with Starbucks in hand and every few steps someone stopped me to say Happy Birthday.  Let me tell you, I’ve never felt so popular . HA!

I read so many sweet Facebook posts, listened to my SIL and nephew serenade me and received several texts…and the new iOS update is where it's at people.  Just have someone text you Happy Birthday or Congratulations.  It’s the little things that make me smile.  You will too, I promise.  Do it now.  You're welcome.

Brandon had arranged for the kids to stay with the grandparents and took me to the beach for the day.  I actually read half of a book on the beach.  It has been a dream of mine to sit on the beach and actually read.  It finally came to fruition.  And it was awesome and so relaxing. And I can never go back to reality.  Never.

We finished the night off with a delicious dinner at Chart House and I’m pretty sure neither of us could breathe the whole way home because we ate until our stomachs hurt.  That’s what you are suppose to do on your birthday right?

I woke up today, still sore, still one less tooth and carrying around even more pounds, but feeling thankful and lovedAnd doesn't that trump it all?