Just One

You would think it would take more than just ONE thing amidst a million amazing things to throw off your good vibe, right?  Nope.


Just one negative post is all it takes to let the doubt creep back in. 

I read and re-read all the encouraging words we received from family, friends and even strangers this week.  But the one that sticks out the most, is the negative one.  My first reaction wasn’t very nice and in my head I said things that wouldn’t be very “missionary” like.  So I just kept my mouth shut and my fingers still. 

It still bothers me though.  The truth is a lot, and I mean a lot of prayer and thoughts went into this decision.  We are well aware that there are things to be done here on US soil.  We are also well aware that more people are willing to stay here and fulfill those roles, than to head overseas.  As Christians I feel that we are all called to be missionaries.  We are all called to live sent.  It looks different on each of us though.  I go back to one of my favorite quotes:

"We're not all called to do the same thing, but we're all certainly capable of doing something."

-Jason Johnson

So in my time of doubts or when I read a negative comment,

I will choose to remember the truths. 

I will choose to remember what brought us here. 

I will choose to focus on the encouragers. 

I will choose Joy.